Our vision is to cater to fitness with the right intention of change in people’s lifestyle by letting them know who they are and motivating them to be fit. Together with the right knowledge and learning that results in making them independent towards a fit life.
A right start needs a right mind and a right mind needs the right understanding of oneself.

Self love is mighty. Before anything, you need to love yourself first and everything else will follow. Self acceptance of who and what you are with the constant drive for a better you is the key.However you look - fat, medium, thin, super fat, super thin, really doesn’t matter. Stop measuring your look to the scale of the society. Aesthetics always don't justify fitness- Remember !
Love yourself above anything else and stay rest assured, we are here to help you build a fitter and a better you.

You have everything that it takes to make you build a fitter and better version of yourself. Believe it because you do!This is your journey and not anyone else’s. You are unique to every molecule of your body. Strive to be a better you each day, each time without comparing yourself to anyone. Do not place yourself in the thoughts for someone else to decide for you, if you have decided for yourself, believe it and get going!
Believe your power, your power to build a better and fitter you, get those heads turning!

As they say good things take time, it's true to every word. It's your very own body, it has its own organic way of responding to a certain change. Believe the process and let the journey take its course. Patience is the key. Remember, fitness is not a short term goal. Nor is it a one time thing. It is a continuous process that gets you to see better results with time. It is patience and consistency that go hand in hand to take you to your end goal.

You are your only competition. With the right mindset, positive thinking and self belief - you are there. Striving for goodness is a sign that you are on the right path.It all starts in the mind as the body responds to what the mind commands. Think big and your body will follow. Focus on the input with dedication, the output for certain will come to surface.
None but only you have the magic to build a better version of yourself - wait for nothing and begin now.

Meet Our Founder

What is fitness ? Fitness to me is a lot more personal and something that one is to get connected to with oneself! It starts with a healthy mind , a health soul and definitely a healthy BODY to secure them all ! FITNESS is a lifestyle and not just a short term goal! It is to balance your external appearance, inner self and mental strength to help you lead a balanced lifestyle.

Hi, My name is Prakhar Rudra. With years of experience in various practices from Karate to Strength training and Functional training programs. My personal journey is what got me to venture into the world of Fitness and that has taken me to where I am today. From being a 52 kg skinny young boy to someone weighing 71 kgs with 8% body fat has been quite a journey !
Have witnessed the transformation both physically and mentally. It demands time, self motivation, consistency and discipline being the most important to name a few. The thought of wanting to see myself on the other side of where I stood then with muscle gain and a fit body is what pushed me through it all.
Fitness has certainly changed my life and I am here to share the benefits it has . I affirm all the support required to walk you step by step to your own personal goals on Fitness and replicate the changes that work best for you. Fitness isn't a one time thing but a journey that has nothing but positive impacts through and through.
If you’ve wondered if Fitness is for you… this is your opportunity to explore! No more waiting then.. let's begin now! Let your dream of how you would like to see yourself not just remain a thought but turn to reality! Unleash your desire to be fit, discover your potential and be an INSPIRATION for the rest to follow!
All it needs is for you to take the first step. Wherever you are and whatever form, just begin. Make your first step and the rest we shall work together to make happen.