Meet the 'TFM Family'



"MY FITNESS JOURNEY I wasn't always as fit, healthy and physcially strong as I am today. It was by caring for my body through exercise that I discovered how powerful a tool FITNESS is, and I chose PRAKAR, FITNESS MONK, as my personal trainer and so now I could share this insight with women everywhere. Through moving my body, I learned, bit by bit, how valuable and important my health was. As I cared for my body I learned that I was worthy of self-love — and my trainer PRAKAR , motivated and showed me that exercise will give you confidence and power. I struggled and stopped so many times, and felt weak and utterly overwhelmed. It was in those moments, PRAKAR seriously motivated and made my journey at ease. I met myself RIGHT where I was — physically and mentally — and I accepted myself and my body completely. The more I cared for my body, the more I began to love myself and believe I was worth caring for.Thanx much to my trainer, PRAKAR, for showing me what am capable of. God bless and let many more out there get benefited by your guidance."



"My name is Mariya saifee and I am from Dubai, I want to really thank TFM and most importantly prakhar from the bottom of my heart for all that I am today, I tried anything and everything to get better and fitter be it training, herbalife , crash diets , fasting, fitness apps , and what not.In all this time i was still loosing weight but i never got a right person to guide me properly. And then i got to know about TFM i told myself lets give this a try tooo.. And here I am thanking myself for the best decision i ever took. Prakhar did not only help me to reach my goal but helps me build my stamina and inner strength.. He made me understand fitness isn’t a temporary thing, its a LIFESTYLE… Only i know i have been one of the most difficult client and how he is so patient with me every time i throw tantrums. My life is sorted its so comfortable and convenient for me as a working mom I really don’t have the time to go out , TFM is the best option for me.. I am so happy the way he guides me , the way he plans my workout and pushes me every-time to perfom better and better everyday.. I thank him everyday everytime i go shopping and buy a size down without him I wouldn’t have achieved this..
Thank you sooo much for everything "



"From setting "To lose weight" as a new year resolution to "Have to gain more muscles " - that transition happened because of you ,Prakhar. The key difference was the right diet and workout which was charted by you. Thank you so much for your all your inputs ,guidance which you even continue to do. You are really a talented, knowledgeable trainer whom I could blindly rely on for my fitness. May God bless TFM"



"I am very humbled and thankful to TFM and its training programs. TFM knows exactly what you need to be in a better shape and live a healthy life. I saw a drastic change in a very short span. As the quote says " a good coach can change your game and a great coach can change your life Thank you TFM"



"It was a stress buster, muscle relaxation and best way of working out during the lockdown. All the best Prakhar and thank you for the motivation."



"TFM is wonderful- I can't say enough good things about it. I am so pleased with my personal training with TFM and with the results that I am achieving."



"It is imperative to understand that each one of us is UNIQUE !! We have different body types and hence different goals. But there is one thing we can’t argue with though, is that Fitness has no short cut. Regular Exercise or Physical Activity of some kind is Absolutely necessary for our well being.We must each find out what works best for us. Luckily ,I discovered over the past few months the one thing that worked like a miracle for my body- TFM. If I could go back in time , would have intiated this step long ago.Not only knowledge about food , but common myths like weight training,etc have been shattered. I have really discovered the most about fitness and the healthy eating habits that work best for My Body through the personal training. All I can say is that, endurance, strength , positive changes and confidence is what TFM has build in my life. Needless to say that TFM stands for - Training fitness mindset in you !!!"



"I wanted to try sumthing new , get out of my plateau and rediscover the motivation to work our again. That’s when I came across The Monk , it was an absolute bliss.I loved how easy the online sessions made my day. From quickly getting changed into activewear five minutes before the call, to grabbing equipment to setting up the phone.Compared to going to the gym or a real-life class, I felt like I was able to keep fit and still make the most of my day, without a chunk of it being stood on a tube glaring at strangers.Before starting with Prakhar, I felt like I’d hit a real wall with my fitness. Nothing was changing, I was doing the same thing over and over and not seeing the results I wanted. I was extremely bored – I guess partly because of being at home during lockdown, making do with the little equipment I had available. However Prakhar's classes were exciting, tough and I loved turning up with no idea what the next hour would hold."



"I heard about Prakher from a family member and am so glad I start taking personal coaching with Prakher. I always wanted one personal trainer specially in current pandemic situation. I have started online class with Prakher 3 month ago. Prakher is so amazing, working out with him is full of fun and enjoyment. He helps me to stay motivated and makes me enjoy working out – which I have never enjoyed before. I also love that he teaches me different work outs that can easily be done at your home. He is all the time watching you and how you are performing each workout during your workout session and if he finds a single mistake, he corrects it immediately. He also helped me out with a balanced diet plan. I lose my weight around 10 pound and waist reduce by couple of inches in just 3 Month period. Mainly I feel more stronger than I was before, I would recommend him to everyone who really want personal trainer who help you out to reduce your weight with amazing exercise and balance diet plan."



"Hello everyone, I live in Germany with my family. Being gujarati and foodie by nature, it wasn't easy to stop myself from eating all different cusine. While being fit looked distance dream, this is where I stumbled upon TFM (Prakhar). I posted an interesting task of finding a balance between my eating habits and be agile to Prakhar which he whole heartedly accepted. He listened to me carefully and understood my limitations and interests and prepared a comprehensive plan.

My favourite is cardio workout which is intensive, sweaty and soulful at the end. Within 3 months, I have reduced 3.5 kg weight and 3 inches in my waist. I remember when I started, I hardly used to do 10 push ups but now my strength has increased immensely and can do my workout for 1 hour.I look forward for my training session."



"It has been an amazing experience with The Fitness Monk starting from the Daily routine, diet schedule and the motivation. I was hesitant on how virtual training would work for me but TFM made it effortless and provided Intense training routines just like how I would like it in an actual gym. They provide you with alternative workouts if something doesn't work for you and build on it and then followup. The efforts taken are commendable and it's been a good journey!"



"Hello Everyone, I would like to recommend TFM for your personal training in the comfort of your home and as per your time and convenience.

I have been training with them since April 2021 and it has really helped me to gain physical strength and mental strength along with reducing my stress and become more happy in life. They have personalised exercises for your making your weak points of your body stronger and better. Kudos to the Team for the efforts they put on each class! "



"Honestly due to my hypothyroid condition I thought it was impossible for me to loose weight but within one month’s training with TFM I started seeing results first time after 11 years I lost weight. It’s really unbelievable for me. You just need right exercise and right food! My experience with TFM has been incredible!"



"Being a professional dancer I do push my limits to learn new styles and improve my energy consistently. Due to lockdown I have lost my activity schedule and gained weight. Felt very difficult to kick start my dance schedules which ended up as a failure.

Reached out TEAM FITNESS MONK to tune my body and mind back to flow. Trust me guys I was literally cared like a kido to do my workouts on time and follow my diet. TFM is on fire to transform the lazy dump lifestyle to an organic healthy one.

Now I have gained immense strength, mobility and shape like never before. MOTIVATION being the key to overcome our limits, TFM is the master of it.CHEERS TO TFM!!! Proud to be in TFM Family"



"Like any other bride to be, I too wanted to look absolutely confident and glowing for my wedding day. I started my fitness journey with TFM 3 month before my wedding. Even though I had very little hopes from myself, TFM made sure I feel that I could do this. With proper consultations regarding my goals and my past fitness history, TFM provided me with the ultimate schedule, diet and motivation to achieve it. Of course my initial goals only meant spot reductions, but TFM made sure I knew about such myths that exists. TFM also made sure that I know proper science behind every exercise or diet or supplements. The good, the bad, the myth, everything is explained by TFM so that I feel satisfied of what I’m doing. My fitness goal was to look beautiful for my wedding day, but now it’s more about healthy lifestyle."



"Prakar is a technically sound trainer. He focuses on the form and the right ways to exercise. Though we workout on zoom, Prakar rightly points out minute corrections.He has helped me develop a wholistic workout routine. Unlike many trainers who focus on just kilos lost Prakar strives to inspire us to become a better and stronger version of ourself. From being a couch potato, I have been so inspired by the workouts that I wake up at 5:30 am every other day to workout."



"I’ve been training under Prakhar Rudra & the The Fitness Monk for the past 6 months and it’s truly been a life changing experience ! Every aspect of my lifestyle has been enriched after getting into fitness! These guys are super hard working and absolutely know what they’re doing! Wait and watch Fitness Monk becoming the go-to fitness brand emerging from India! Will be training under them for a long long time!"



"Fitness can change how you feel on a daily basis. Through fitness, you can cultivate gratitude for your body, your health and every aspect of your life. When I first started with TFM, I had no idea of how was it going to be to workout at home or even if its going to bring any change !!! And hence just gave it just a try . But eventually , I discovered the changes in my body , which I thought wasnt even possible. With the THUMB RULE - FOOD + WATER+ EXERCISE = Loving ur healthy self . This is what TFM has given me. With all the cardio and weight training exercise and breaking all the myths ,it has not only brought healthy version of myself but also the self confidence.

In all I can say is that for me TFM stands for THE ultimate FITNESS MANTRA...."